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Loft Conversion Stairs by Loft Conversions Northampton

If you have plenty of downstairs floor space but could do with more upstairs rooms, a loft conversion can be the perfect way to bring your home into proportion. Loft conversion building regulations cover matters of safety, including the strength of the floor, minimum headroom above the staircase, fire escapes, thermal efficiency, electrics, plumbing and glazing.

Staircase For Loft Conversions Northampton Loft Conversion

The team at Loft Conversions Northampton will tell you about the importance of the staircase design in your loft conversion process.

A mansard type conversion will offer maximum roof space because it projects the maximum available head height, thus giving a greater usable floor area.

Northampton Stairs Regulations

The location of the stairs should be considered during the early stages of your loft conversion in Northampton. In a loft conversion, sometimes the stairs can be reworked to offer maximum space.

At Loft Conversions Northampton we know that traditional frame type roof structures are often the most suitable type for loft conversions, allowing the space to be opened up relatively easily and inexpensively.

Staircase Rules And Requirments In Northampton, Northamptonshire

Loft Conversions Northampton have years of experience in helping our customers to find the ideal solution for their loft conversion, including the best placement of your staircase to allow you to access your new room easily. Our team start with the external work, meaning the majority of your house won't be affected until they knock through and install the staircase.

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