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Loft Conversion Plans by Loft Conversions Northampton

Need more space in your home? Then how about a loft conversion from our brilliant team at Loft Conversions Northampton. Loft Conversions Northampton could increase the usable floor space and can be used to add head height which gives you more options when it comes to placement of the stairs. Did you know that you can manage a loft conversion yourself?

Loft Conversion Plans Followed By Loft Conversions Northampton

A loft conversion on a bungalow has little effect on the fire safety of your home, beyond making sure that the new windows are large enough to escape out of.

Want a bath or shower room in your loft conversion? Loft Conversions Northampton are the specialists for you. In bath or shower rooms in a converted loft, we suggest that an extractor fan should be fitted.

Roof Space Made To It's Potential In Northampton

If there are multiple rooms in your conversion, make sure to provide an emergency exit to the roof. You may need new floor joists fitted along with new ceiling plasterboard.

Loft Conversions Northampton loft conversions will always require approval under building regulations (irrespective of whether they need planning permission as well).

Loft Conversion Plans In Northampton, Northamptonshire

Loft Conversions Northampton have a team of local architects who can provide specific hands on help with loft conversions. Here at Loft Conversions Northampton we are absolute experts in loft conversion planning drawings and loft building regulations drawings.

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